Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

I opened my fiverr thingymabob, with reasonable pricing included free of charge!*

*it is not a free service.

Not sure it qualifies as an “accomplishment,” but we are finally having these dumb trees removed.

I, for one, do NOT like removing trees…but these were planted WAY too close to the house, and some genius years later decided rather than remove them, or move them further away, they would just cut ALL the lower branches, as they were rubbing the house and probably messing up the bay window. So here we are. We are going to turn them into pub tables! (pink line for bar height, plus a couple inches so that we can plane them down to level them)

Oh and the one closest to the patio, they tried to cut the top off…so it did what trees do! And branched out, so it had 5 large “trunks” going up…lol.




What, don’t you have a gargoyle protecting your house?

His name is Gill and he’s a very good gargoyle.


I have this, does this count?


Is it in your front room and facing the door*? Then it counts.

*It can’t protect the house if it can’t see the door.


We have a gargoyle and a griffin. Sadly they are deteriorating and we are questing for real cement replacements

We place them at the end of the driveway for October.

I repaired them in 2021…

But they are degrading again…and looking to go full concrete/cement. =)


It actually faces the back door, which is a glass door and therefore (a) much more vulnerable and (b) can be seen through so it can watch the outside. So I think it’s in a good guard position.


Yep, as long as it’s facing a door, you have gargoyle protection!


Let me know if you find a place that makes them. I’ve been wanting a nice cement Cthulhu statue for the yard.


I decided I’m going to take out the trash from last ten days or so.

In broad daylight!

Yeah, it’s mostly beer cans but also some chicken bones and frozen food packaging.

You know what’s even more accomplishment? I might…might…use a giant Glad garbage bag to encase this refuse in.

Nah. That’s extra waste of petroleum based products. Several trips to the dumpster. Two, three full grocery bags in each hand.


Has to be done!

And I’m going to do it! In a few minutes.

This guy guards the landing on our staircase.


I just got back from my first in-person interview in probably two years, and it turns out it was with a lapsed MSTie! I was talking about how MST3K articles were some of my top performers on my Substack and she mentioned about her and her friends, their fondness for humor. She watched on Sci-Fi.

Frankly it was the most comfortable I’d been in an interview in a while. I didn’t feel shame in my work history now that I had recent items, even if I didn’t get paid for either.

As for what I’ve written lately


No photos to show, but will brag a bit a guess…

Yesterday was work on dad’s car day…

Took day off work, got the Quickjacks set up around 8:30am…

Got the car in the air by 10:30am…

First job, adjust the ride height by adjusting the lowering bolts. Driver side was easy, passenger side didn’t want to budge… tried unweighting it by using a floor jack with a pad in a few different positions. Finally had to use a small block of wood to get just the right spot for it to want to adjust.

Then, replace the fog lamp fixtures.

To do this, you have to -

  1. remove the front wheels
  2. Remove the fender liner - this requires removing torx screws, push pins, and bolts from the fender liner itself as well as the front air dam.
  3. Detach the fog lamp wiring harness.
  4. Unbolt the old fog lamp fixtures from he car.
  5. Remove the LED bulbs from old fixtures.
  6. Remove the halogen bulbs that came with the new fixtures, transfer to the old fixtures being kept as spares.
  7. Install the LEDs in the new fixtures.
  8. Bolt the new fixtures into the car, and reattach wiring harness.
  9. reinstall fender liner and only swear a few times when the nesting doll of layers of plastic pieces are in the wrong order to bolt back together…

Repeat on the other side…


Inspect the damaged front splitter. Tell Dad he has to replace it, and probably damaged the threaded inserts in the front bumper as well. That will be a “fun” job… not.

At that point, since I was sweating through my clothes and the quickjacks were set up, I swapped over to my #funwithcars TW 200 tires a few days early. Less to do Friday before I hit the road, and maybe my back won’t be sore Sat. morning.


I ran a 5k this morning with a pace of 12:06 minutes per mile! I think that might be my new record. It surprised me when I got 12:29 last time, becuase that was faster than possibly ever before and I hadn’t run in months, and now it’s been another month (or few?) and I am faster yet. Hopefully now that I don’t have classes for a while I can run more often, maybe longer distances too.


Here’s a kind of mediocre one. So this hinge that attaches half the screen to my main notebook computer is…broke.

Once among the last several hundred times I’ve wedged it back in place (without, you know, actually fixing it!) there are two little cables that connect the monitor to the mobo. That became undone this morning. No screen, and I don’t even think I have a monitor that takes HDMI, nor a VGA-HDMI adapter.

Even with my giant Shrek-like hands I was able to pop them back in place.

Meh, static electricity/schmatic electricity. It’s fine.

I still need to drag out some CA (cyanoacrylate aka “super”) glue and pop a screw in that corner of the housing, though.

Work, work, work.

You know, I’m really good at my day job…like 200% effort, no stone unturned, fix everybody else’s “problems” (slackers)…but I’m just terrible at getting stuff done at home.

So, pretty much accomplishment!

In order to make room for new things in my life, I have spent 2 days moving out old stuff, and will do it again tomorrow.

Old collections being whittled down, boxes and bags being packed for donation or selling. Twenty-two bags and 4 full moving boxes.

Tiring work, but very satisfying.

Now, pizza is in the oven!


She’s back! Yay!

Related accomplishment? Today I cooked a frozen pizza and just ate all the toppings+cheese with my fingers. What? I was hungry!

But I have some bangers in the fridge, so when I cook them, they’ll have some bread and tomato substrate to go on.

Congrats Lady! You’ve got your hands full…probably very literally.

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It’s my first go with gluten free fresh pizza dough, so we’ll see how this goes!

If it turns out well, it’s a whole ‘nother accomplishment!


Huh. Super glue (or whatever brand I used…don’t remember) plus a screw…makes that screw work if the hole is stripped!

At least for now. Strong enough to hold a fairly beefy metal hinge that holds a laptop screen to the body.

Strong enough to skip a day? We’ll see!