Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

Replaced a rotted deck rim joist and a couple of others, as well as the boards I had to chop out to get to them. Topped the joists with joist tape. Yes the boards are too close together, which is likely what caused the problem in the first place. I’ll drill some weep holes once it STOPS FRKNG RAINING, and they’ll shrink some too. Also re-graded to get water away from the foundation, but I had to stomp Sainted GF’s wildflower patch in the process. I’m soaked because Accuweather is RONGweather, and because I ran out of patience.


I have a Seth Thomas clock, but not the one we heard riffed. It’s from the late 1940s. I bought it shortly after I moved into this house. I wanted it because the house is also from the 1940s. (Well, 49/50.) Since then, it’s had its electric bits replaced with a battery-powered quartz whatsit. Then replaced one more time. I also gave it little rubber-plug feet (left over from some other project) after its felt base wore away.

Just recently, I went to the hardware store and got new tiny screws for its metal back. I thought I’d need to go up a size due to the holes starting to wear away. But, no. The same size works fine. So it was the screws that got stripped. So a buck or so later, allowing for about two minutes with the tiniest screwdriver I could find, my little old friend is firmly back in place on the shelf. Yee haw!


After a couple months of it sitting on top of the stereo, I finally replaced the cartridge on the turntable yesterday.