Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

I actually convinced some random manager to approve a (paid) vacation day for me this Friday, the 5 July.

No, I’m not doing anything on the Fourth except cursing any number of things and probably doing my yearly dive back into some of The Federalist Papers (shuddup! it’s a thing I do!).

But I’m getting tired of refilling random tires and checking with three separate pressue gauges at varying times of the day…so despite having booked appointments on Friday way the hell out in the sticks, and one closer by me, but sort of a not fun busy highway (there is a bar a a few hundred feet from Les Schwab, the tire-fixers, I suppose)…

I’ve decided to hoof it sans appointment first thing on Friday morning to the Les Schwab in NW Portland…and since it’ll take them forever, it’s just a brief walk to Joe’s Cellar to shoot some stick (no, that’s not slang for anything but…play some pool, jabronis!) and maybe have one or two beers, to be carefully monitored with my BacTrack S80 device so as to not be impaired during the brief drive home.

That’s a damned good plan, and I’m sticking to it.

Just wasted over a dozen hours fooling around with SSHing to and fro from my android phone to a computer here (local network)…then had the bright idea I should just set up my “watching computer” to be both a server and a client to share various drives and bits of partitions scattered around using NFS. (There’s no dedicated central server … yet … just a bunch of drives plugged into different places).

No, that was fine and kind of fun. Not too much exciting to do from Android<–>computer except browse files and an easy way to share them within the home network.

Just have spent a long time reading, reviewing (in some cases), and all that random bits about computers online.

But I remembered how to chroot into other systems along the way, so that was kind of pointless, but sort of useful, I guess, if I ever needed to fix something in that way.

After about a month of unearthing, acquiring, and rounding up of all the (not cheap) things necessary, I got my old glucose monitor working and was actually able to do a draw at 6 AM without putting out an eye or breaking stuff.

Wheeee… :confused:


Behold, the final solution.

Yes, by random chance, these two pieces of wood placed exactly as they are hold the top manual in the exactly correct position relative to the lower manual, perfectly level (the photo doesn’t exactly reflect that…but from the perspective of the player, trust me, they are — the lower manual [a cheap MIDI controller, but with decent enough action for the lower manual, and the bare minimum controller features…the mod wheel gets in the way a tiny bit, but the boutique purpose-built lower controller companies seem to have all gone out of business or stopped selling their relevant products] has the black keys sprung from the back, of course, and seem to have a bit of natural uptilt to them, unlike a regular piano’s geometry).

Now I just need to velcro or 3M hook those together so I won’t forget. I think I have some of the 3M hook stuff, whatever it’s called, or at least some 3M velcro (or at least some very strong off-brand stuff with good adhesive…maybe put some gaffer tape on the bottom of the upper manual for ease of release the next time I have to open her up, to replace a battery or whatever).

Eh, should probably trim some of the wood pieces in length, but that can wait till whenever.

Finally fired up the Waterpik and gave my under-gums the business with half 3% hydr. perox. and half water.

AND came up with an awesome idea: I can use the Waterpik to clean my toilet too! Relax! The tool can be disinfected with bleach!

Or…I could borrow a pressure washer…but I don’t want to.

Well, we’re no where near done. But we finally got the Murphy-style bed done and the bedding accoutrement (sitting in my closet for 3 years! :open_mouth:) put on!

More to come!!


I love everything about this


Well, now I know why you referred to this room as “The Shining Room”.

Or maybe that’s a different room, and this just happens to have the carpet.


Nope, you’re right. It’s the shining room… formerly the dining room (which we never used)! We’ve made it another guest room! :tada:


Purple Rain No GIF


Yeah, thanks but I’m gonna’ sleep somewhere more conducive to calm thoughts, like maybe alongside the freeway or next to a mausoleum. :face_with_spiral_eyes: I’ll text you in the morning and we can go get pancakes or something, though. My treat.


I love it.

It might not work out so well when (not if) I buy a double-wide coffin to sleep in, but it’s perfect in a more traditional style.

Function meets fashion.

Accomplishment? Down three pounds from yesterday’s after work nekked weigh-in at home. Still up over six pounds from six days ago…but the water pills and ex-lax seem to be doing what they’re supposed to.

Maybe my regimen will take care of what I guess is an edema in a knee that I suppose is caused by carrying so much extra water. Or, you know, caused by something else, but I don’t care about that.

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It’s definitely not for everyone. But it’s a third guest room option! :grinning:

As a Halloween freak, I have a lot of friends who will love it!