Shuddery playback and a compliment

Have been unhappy with the audio sync. However, most especially in the next-day playback, the sync problems are gone! This is on Windows 10 and nvidia Shield TV.

Noticed something new though. Take a look at the Robot Wars preview, timestamp 38:25. This is a smooth pan, but it jitters. The whole movie is like this, easiest to spot in this moment. Ignore the Harryhausen, thats supposed to jump around.

Frames are going missing. First noticed in Carnival Magic and also Starcrash. Hasn’t happened much since.

Either your encoding settings are too high, not VBR, not 2-pass or you’re just limited by your player software. If its your player delivery, well its not a deal breaker, and I guess most patrons would cope with it.

The picture quality is superb. The riffs are great. You’re so close!


Are you referring to the live events specifically?

This is interesting - the pan is jerkey. No doubt. But watch the riffers - they are moving smoothly the whole time. Crow and Servo both move around and look pretty good to me. It could be an artifact of the original movies shooting framerate, but you clearly know much more about the technical side than I do.


The audio sync is sweet in tonight’s live preview.

The riffers are attached to the movie just fine, as you say. Am seeing the same movie stutter in tonight’s preview - Beyond Atlantis. Its not the original movie’s fault as even the worst movies are 24 frames per second. That and you can get your own copy of the original movie and do a comparison. You might be surprised. The movie picture is crisp but the encoding makes movement unnatural.

That the riffers’ shadows are moving fine means that the streaming service is not the problem!


Yep, this exactly. I work in broadcast production and to me this looks like a bad conversion of the film to the final video format. Can result from a variety of reasons from frame rate to interlaced/progressive issues and the quality of your converting software.