"Sign in Advance?"

I guess this could be a “gripe” but it’s more like a “huh?”

My old laptop died so I ordered a new one. The company insists on the package being signed for, which makes sense, since nobody wants the headache of “I got it/I didn’t get it” etc., for an item of this value.

And UPS sends me a notice saying it’s coming tomorrow but I have an option to “Sign Now”.


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An fascinating inversion of the “I’d happily pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today” principle.


At least they didn’t make you go to a CVS to pick it up.


The option to sign now is for your soul, not the laptop.


I had a package delivered via FedEx the other day, that was supposed to require a signature. The FedEx guy knocked on the door, and handed me the package. I asked if I need to sign anything, and he said no, he just needed to see someone and they did not require signatures anymore because COVID. As he walked away I thought, you just handed me the package, what’s the difference if you handed me that tablet to sign as well?


You don’t hand the package back.

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Maybe YOU don’t.

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Oh, that’s different!

signs away

Hey, waitaminute…

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