Silly question about the 1301 re: rewatch

I’m a backer but it’s with great pain that I’ve still not watched the new season.
I am very impatiently waiting for my son to arrive tomorrow so we can watch it together.
On the bright side, I made a fellow MSTie!

So my question is this – I’ve read with interest how during the livestream last Friday that the gizmoplex and it’s features were explained, along with additional info.
Is this part of the re-watch of the episode? Is this available to watch elsewhere if not?

Thank you very much!

p.s. bonus question if you see this — was it the RIFFTRAX or MST3K version of “Jack Frost” that’s supposed to be hilarious? Both worth watching?


Yes, the rewatch does include all the info about the eventual Gizmoplex features.


You can rewatch from the app by clicking on “Library” then click the “purchased” tab. Then “Gizmoplex Event Pass”. Then the recorded live event should be the first one in the list. The demo of the Gizmoplex proper, is at the end.


I haven’t seen Riff Tracks version of Jack Frost, but MST3K’s is hilarious. Honestly the movie is so weird and hilarious in its own right, that it would be hard to riff it poorly.


The RT version isn’t as good as the original riff, but it’s still fun and worth watching for the amazingly restored print alone.


I went through a small roller coaster reading your topic post…

“Oh, are they…a parent waiting for their son to be born??”

“No, their son is coming from out of town and they want to watch the new season together”

“Ah, see, they got their son to enjoy Mystery Science Theater and inducted him into MSTie fandom.”

“Or do they mean they literally MADE a fellow MSTie because they made a child and they’re going to make sure he’s a MST fan???”

It’s possible I overthink these things


It also features a scene cut from the MST3K broadcast where Ivan is singing shortly after he leaves his mom. It’s in Russian, but the gist I get is that he’s going on about how great he is and how all the ladies are into him.


I haven’t yet seen the RT version, but I assume you are talking about this scene. Helpful subtitles confirm that you are essentially correct about the meaning.


The MST3K version is so much funnier. I liked the RT version because you get to see a crisp and beautiful copy of the entire movie. I kind of wish I had just paid for a copy of the movie itself instead of the RT.


Thank you for the response @LibrariaBillie !


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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