Since we're halfway into the thirteenth season, let's pick our top 25 favorite episodes!

I made a poll for us to do this in so we don’t have to go through a million comments. I made this poll with every episode + the movie, and you guys can pick up to 25 of your favorite episodes.

The poll can be found here, and when I get enough votes I’ll get back to you guys with the results.

Have fun voting!


How can we pick 25 episodes when the season is only 7 episode so far???

(sorry had to be a smart ass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

And welcome to the fourms.

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Welcome! I’m filling mine out but it says I can pick up the 30 at the top but then it says only pick 25. Might need to rewrite the intro. Now I face the heartbreak of culling 5 movies from my picks :grin:

Fixed. Says 25 at the top now too.

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Man it’s really hard to even narrow it down to 25. So many painful cuts.

Try your best, it took me a while but I pulled it off

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I was relieved that I only had to pick favorites and not rank them! Now that’s an impossible task.

Season 11+ and especially Season 13 were harder to pick from simply because I haven’t seen the episodes as often. The classic eps I’ve often seen several times over, Season 11/12 maybe a few times and Season 13 the only one I’ve seen twice is Beyond Atlantis.

Just remember to submit so I can see it

Hmm… select a random 25 from the list and tomorrow select another random 25, and so on in that manner. That’ll probably be pretty close to what I’d come up with and change about as much. I suck at picking favorites!

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Just try and pick randomly then, lol.

This was fun to do, I just kind of did a first pass and picked all my favorites and then went through and started cutting and adding. I don’t think I could ever be totally happy with picking 25, but it was a fun exercise.

More more fun than the Cosmo sex quiz!

Make sure to submit so I get the results.

I just ran down the list hitting the ones I knew had to on there and had 22 in that pass. Had to think a little about the last 3 as there were maybe 5-6 I could have gone with, but i’m good with what I entered.

It would be interesting to just see a list of the most popular choices if it contained just the 26-30 selections that could have been selected had the option been 30 instead of 25… the possibilities.

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Again, make sure to submit.