Since you aren't beholden to fit into a certain length television timeslot, have you given thought to riffing longer films or do you think the 1.5 hour time frame works best for show?

It seems having your own outlet certainly gives you the freedom to do longer episodes if the movie deserves it.


Ouch Joel!

lmao - joel’s reply - damn!!!

But it was a good question - it led to the bit about Gamera!!!

Apparently riffing Titanic, The Godfather, and Avatar are out…

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Cowards, Rifftrax did Titanic, and nailed it. :wink:

Oh, and Bridget and Mary Jo killed on WW84, come on MST, you gonna let Rifftrax show you up like that?

Heh, good times!

Also, welcome to the forums!

Way to engrage Joel with this one!

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