Single Random Facts

“Actor turns down role to avoid taxes” sounds like the weird sort of trivia that I would learn from Fibbage or Lateral.



Strongly disagree that Superman directed by Sam Peckinpah, with Charlton Heston as Jor-El, would have anything short of a remarkably odd treasure.

Does one know that the traditional Andean delicate food known as “cui” (wild guinea pigs) is named for the sound the animal makes? It’s all true.


In the Tumbes region of Peru, black clams (conchas negras) are prized as protein from the sea and eaten.

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I confess that, although I have eaten oysters and mussels, I have never tried clams. However, if they are prized there, and I happened to be on vacation there, I would have no trouble trying that ceviche. They would prepare it right. That would be a beautiful experience for me.


I agree. Clams casino and things like that are OK, but not really a superfood, IMHO.

But I think most anyone with any taste would be up for eating las conchas de los Peruanos (o pero probablemente las Peruanas, in the somewhat traditional culture of much of Peru).

I believe they are cleaned carefully and prepared for consumption con gusto by the right people.

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This is going to sound like terrible advice, but I swear- Long John Silver’s fried clams are really good.


I don’t even know where to get them anymore since our local Friendly’s closed. Red Lobster doesn’t seem to have them as a separate dish, just a component of gigantic platters of food that I shouldn’t eat anymore.


No LJS where you are?

The thing Red Lobster stopped doing that was great was their deviled crab.

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Hmm, apparently there is one nearby that’s paired with an A&W, but it’s hard for me to get to.


I wish you could go to Red Lobster and just order the biscuits. I could see myself going there and eating biscuits all night.




Roscoe Lee Browne, ladies and gentlemen!


One of the reasons I hope they never remake that movie.


The remake has been stuck in development hell for over two decades.


And that’s a solid win for the Stud…granted, not a terribly obscure reference, but that is what the judges were going for!

FTR, I’d be just fine with no remake/reboot/whatever…in fact…I’d be OK with not seeing the movie again. Maybe in a long, long time from now while, smoking hash on the streetcorner in between knife fights over rat meat in the retirement home paid for by my prosperous, generous, and grateful children!

OK, fine SINGLE RANDOM FACT: Pat Martino’s short book Linear Expressions (it almost exclusively consists of a few basic lines to be played on guitar in numerous combinations, without tablature, but the std notation does tell you on which string to play each note on [a few mistakes, but that’s not a big deal], which I think is fairly standard even in classical literature) is an awesome way to get better at reading on guitar.

It is position-based, but each line “activity” (the basis of the rest of the book) is played in basically all the positions. Different lines, but similar idea.

So, here’s what’cha do, kid! I’m telling ya’! You take your little ink pad and rubber stamp of combination standard staff and tab (or just a notepad, or whatever) and just learn those notes on each string. All the way, up and down the neck.

Yes, I know it’s easy to remember what note is what on each string, especially with some practice, or even a bit of mentalism, but this should make it easier IMHO to change positions ad hoc all the way up and down the fretboard, without just playing in fixed positions. And, automatically, without any thought at all. See it, play it.

No, you don’t get stuck in the “model key of C” like all the “guitar reading methods”…you get juicy stuff. Bbs, Ebs, Abs, Fs…you know…the important notes!

Yes, I know you get all that by any method, especially if you’re at all clever and if you practice reading, but this is more fun.

And without patterns, which my main resource for really digging into mastering the fretboard, Garrison Fewell’s books relies on. In his case, he breaks everything into superimposition of triads, which is more than valid, and is extremely pattern based. Even if one can conceive, as I’ve tried to notate with pencil and staff paper, every single combination of notes yielding the specific triad forms he uses, it still doesn’t really yield instant recognition.

I’m used to reading flysh** off the page for keyboard music since a young lad, and have only become better at it, so I want that for my guitar “playing” as well. Even though I’m only playing jazz or rock or whatever…I need that organization in my mind to put the chords I want in the specific voicings I want, without thinking about it, for example.

Ear is great…any good music is played and performed by ear…but when you know what you want and don’t want to waste time dinking around with things, it’s better to know.

I think there’s a Greek maxim on the topic.

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Eh. The remake won’t negate the original. If the remake is good for other reasons, I’m fine with it.

The problem is that usually the remake is not good because it’s only done because it can be done rather than because it should be done.

But there are remakes that are worth it even if the original was a lot of fun- Little Shop of Horrors is the obvious one, but I would also point out Invasion of the Body Snatchers or Scarface as remakes that were done really well, and even surpassed the originals, despite the originals being iconic.


They did make a Logan’s Run TV series. It was… okay.


Yeah, I remember it being OK… of course I was like 12 at the time.

I remember Rem the android, who was a big inspiration for Star Trek’s Data, apparently.

I’m afraid a new Logan’s Run movie will be based on the original novel, which is quite a bit different from the movie and not nearly as good.


True fact: a procedure called “awake craniotomy” exists and probably is very effective.

Also a true fact: the subject undergoing this kind of surgery will not be able to take a cool selfie during the procedure. And observers are not generally allowed. So there goes my Junior Mints idea (trust me, she was a big Seinfeld fan, as well as a Junior Mints fan from, AFAIK, way before it was cool).

Trust me, I’m allowed. My mom and her family did lol at my group text that if she does have much brain damage after, it should be the cool kind where we can take her to a casino and so on to great effect. Maybe even fall by a K-Mart!

But, that is a fact: “awake craniotomy” is a thing, and it’s kind of neat, I guess.

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