Single Random Facts

…that’s disturbing.

Could be worse — could be trains in India.

Oh no.

Or busses in Mexico…

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True fact: a coworker humnming the instrumental part to the obbligato of the hook of “The Final Countdown” again and again will actually drive you insane, and encourage more badinage.

Also true fact, such people do not care!

True rejoinder? Kenny Loggins falsetto tunes from Top Gun.

Not dissuasive, but a solid rejoinder.

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doo dee doot doot doo dee doooooooo!


Playing…playing with the boyyyeeeooeeez!

Damn you!

We should have an angry “reaction” emoticon.

Doo do doo dah…doo dee dit dah dah…

I’ve had enough!


Haven’t been able to find as many facts lately, but here’s a couple I stumbled across today:

-George Jetson was born on August 27, 2022. So in about two months, if he were real, he’d be born.

-There is a difference between jam, jelly, fruit butter, and preserves, and it has to do with how it’s prepared. Jam is made from cooking mashed fruit. Jelly is made from cooking fruit juice. Fruit butter (i.e. apple butter) is made from cooking strained fruit pulp. Preserves are made from cooking the whole fruit.


Wait. So if I’m cooking down raspberries, am I making a jam or preserves? How do you cook down whole fruit without eventually mashing it? (Not that I’m asking you specifically, but it seems like a loophole.)

Single random true fact:

Bobby Blake was a pretty good actor, even into his sunset years.

Yes, it seems there are several people who assume this name, but I’m talking about the kid from Treasure/Madre, the kid movies, Baretta, Lost Highway and ekstera.

You just know there are probably more than a few Hanna-Barbera fans out there that have been working on it.

His acting career goes back farther than that.

Et cetera is Latin for “and the rest.” One too many syllables for the Gilligan’s Island theme song, unfortunately.

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The threat of urine and coliform fecal bacteria contamination might or might not be real.

And now for something that’s REALLY completely different…

Random Facts Woman presents, facts to make you feel good!

  1. Zebras rest with their heads on each others backs so they can keep an eye out for their zebra buddy. Plus, it looks like a hug!

  2. An international group called Bikers against Child Abuse supports child abuse victims in court to give them the courage to testify against their abusers by looking tough to give those kids confidence. My heart…

  3. All of Mr. Rogers cardigans that he wore on screen were knitted by his mother.

  4. Monarch butterfly populations are doing better thanks to people planting milkweed in small areas in their yards.

  5. A type of mold growing on/around the Elephant’s Foot in Chernobyl apparently eats radiation. The level of radiation around the radioactive mass of metal, glass, and sand has decreased drastically since the mold began growing there. The practical applications of such a substance could lead to renewable sources of energy, among other beneficial things.

  6. Petting animals lowers levels of cortisol, a hormone that is associated with stress levels in humans. BRB, going to pet all the dogs I can find…

  7. If someone in the Netherlands passes away with no family, a small service will be held for them and a poet will come to read a poem for them at their service.

  8. If you ever go to Japan, be sure to check out Capybara Land! You’ll be able to see these giant rodents just chilling out in hot springs and hang out with them.

  9. The population of tigers in the wild is slowly starting to climb back up thanks to conservation efforts. A 2018 census of tigers in the wild has put their numbers at approximately 2,967, up from 1,411 in 2006. While there is a long way to go to remove them from the endangered list, that increase in numbers is VERY encouraging!

  10. There are emotional support dogs for cheetahs! Cheetahs in zoos are often extremely anxious due to their tendency to hyperfocus and analyze each person in a crowd, which leads to stress on the animal. Dogs are paired with the cheetah at a young age since they can more quickly assess a group of people; if the dog remains calm, the cheetah will see it and will also remain calm.

  11. Often movies will have to CGI a dog’s tail to have it appear still because their tails are almost always wagging over how happy they are to be there!

  12. Sea otters hold hands when they sleep to keep from drifting apart. D’awwwww…

  13. Bees inform their friends of good flowers nearby by performing dances.

  14. Cats will slow blink at you as a means of blowing kisses.

  15. Dogs are able to estimate an approximate time you will return home by scenting the level of your scent that remains in the house from your morning routine.

  16. Tarantulas sometimes keep tiny frogs as pets.

  17. Dogs will make little sneezes to indicate to you that they are playing, not actually fighting.

  18. And lastly, there’s a volunteer organisation called ‘No One Should Die Alone’ — You’re at Sacred Heart Medical Center, you’re terminal, you need a companion. From someone to talk to, or just someone to hold our hand, they’ll make sure someone will be there for you.

I’m not crying… there’s just something in my eye…


Now I want a cheetah that has a watchdog that has a tarantula friend that has a pet frog!


Relating to Number 7 there is something similar at Arlington National Cemetery. There is a group of women called Professional Mourners that will attend the funerals of veterans that have no one else to mourn them.

Facial mites. You have them. They are in trouble.

They’re called Demodex folliculorum and they’ve lived so long with humans they’re forgetting how to cope without them.

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They mentioned this on Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me this morning. Ewwww. The best joke they made was “Coachella on my face!”

Then explain to me how “and the rest” was replaced with “the Professor and Mary Ann” in the later version of the theme song?

And that’s ignoring the original version in the pilot, which doesn’t really have a backing melody when the characters’ names are called out…