Site Accessibility

Just letting you know that you are going to have to consider implementing some accessibility features into your site. There is currently zero keyboard navigability. Maybe consider forwarding users away from the virtual theater to the standard Gizmoplex for a better accessibility experience.


The biggest +1 on this.

A lot of creativity and fun went into the virtual theater’s presentation. But anyone who must rely on screen readers or proper tab ordering to use the web cannot visit or use that version of the Gizmoplex at all. They’re completely prevented from participating.

If accessibility options are not on the current roadmap, please add it to your next sprint or iteration push (or however you’re managing the Gizmoplex’s development). Both the ADA and WCAG will have some bold opinions on the situation if the Gizmoplex can generally accept money and there’s a class of people who will not be able to spend their money with you.

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