Skeleton Crew Cover - Sidehackin' or UFO?

So there’s a song that plays over the end credits of season 11 and 12 that could either be a cover of Sidehackin’, or of that UFO song they sing in the theater during Starcrash. Do we know for sure which one it is? It makes sense for it to be Sidehackin’, but I keep thinking it’s closer to UFO.

I think that it’s most likely a Sidehackin’ cover that you heard.

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Just listened again to make sure - it’s Sidehackin’.
Wow, the end credits are so long now.


Wait until we get a fully crowdfunded, full-length, SFX-heavy movie. The credits will probably almost double the original run time.

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The har-mars noodled up a few original series host segment ditties for the commercial throws.