Sketches From Synthia Selects

I’ve liked the others, but this is funniest group so far - as a comic book geek, they hit the spot


I’m so happy to be in a crowd where no one looks at you weird when you automatically pick Donatello as your favorite. All the normies are like “YAY Mikey! or Raph’s so cool, but rude!”
Nope, we are happy to be nerds, and at least we aren’t Leonardo.


What made Synthia’s Selects unique for the month of July were the Dr. Donna St. Phibes segments for Mega Monster Month at the Gizmoplex.

I took the liberty of screencapping those moments for this thread.


Taken from Gamera Vs. Zigra, an interview with Gamera gone awry.

Taken from The Giant Gila Monster, a fund-generating effort that was knocked off the rails and turned against gila monsters.

Taken from Devil Fish, a lecture on how the Devil Fish (Dunkleosteus communis polypustrum) changed the face of B-movie monster conservation, paving the way for the Intergalactic Endangered Conservation Act of 1997.


Taken from Eegah, a meditation on the desert Eegah of the American Southwest (and how residents there are advised to put up swimming pool nets in light of their notoriously awful swimming skills).

Taken from Gorgo, a reminder that every monster has a mother (Gorgo’s mother happens to be a retired kindergarten teacher named Kristy).

Taken from The Giant Spider Invasion, an analysis of how the Giant Spider is the diametric opposite of Spider-Man: a spider with all the powers of a man, including a reluctance to ask for directions.