SLC Show tonight

I was at the live show at the Eccles Center in Salt Lake tonight and had a great time. There were a couple of problems. First, the lighting was off most of the night. Spotlights were often late and off-target. Second, there was some kind of power outage during the last scene of the movie. Microphones went off, the curtain came down and house lights came up. There was an announcement that there was a power issue. It was fixed a few minutes later but it lasted long enough that a few people left. Once back the projector was reversed.
After the show, it decided to snow. The drive that would normally take about 45 minutes instead took 2 and a half hours.


For some reason I thought the technical difficulties were going to be some funny way of hiding part of the movie at its most important scene but then as it went on I realized maybe it was a legit technical issue. It was still pretty great though. I had a whole adventure trying to get back to my car and then finally drove an hour home which normally takes 30 minutes. Would I do it all over again? Heck yea!


I was surprised to see the people leaving- I don’t think it had even been five minutes. They may have been more worried about the weather, which was getting steadily worse

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Even given all of the problems that happened during the show and the 2 hour drive to get home - it was still a great night that I will definitely always remember. At the very least I got to raid the merch booth and finally got me an official jumpsuit! I hope the watch is still there next time they come through cause that is the only thing I didn’t get and I hope don’t live to regret it…