Snowglobes and Music Boxes

We as MST3K Kickstarter Backers await our MST3K Snowglobe Music Box next year. In the meantime, are there any snowglobes or music boxes that have your eye or you already own? Anything you’d like to share?

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I have a Space 1999 Eagle snow globe that I got as a pre-order bonus for the BluRay set from Shout Factory, it’s pretty nice

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I have one that I love, from Spirited Away:


I have a couple of ‘Mr. Christmas’ music boxes - one that plays interchangeable discs, and one that plays 100 tunes, from classical to patriotic.

I also have a Thorens disc player, with about 40 or so interchangeable discs.

If I could afford a Regina disc player, I’d be all over that, but I don’t think that will ever happen.

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Any more snowglobes or music boxes out there? I’d love to have a movie one.

I wish I had the watch from For a Few Dollars More

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You and I are the same. This connected with me early on and never relented. Question though. The brother’s or sister’s version. They were different.

Here’s a link I bumped into.