So, anyone else watching Raised by Wolves?

Watching this show on HBO called Raised by Wolves. It’s honestly darn near the weirdest show I have ever seen. I’m not even entirely sure I like it, and I’m on season 2 episode 3. Seriously curious if I’m the only one scratching my head to the point of lobotomization over it. On topic slightly I suppose in that it’s theater, it has science, and it is in deed a mystery. LOL


I’m watching it too. I’m not so much of a head scratcher as a stares quizzically at screen. It certainly is not an effortless show to watch. I’ll slog through the second season regardless in the hope most of it will make sense. :wink::joy:

Travis Fimmel as a semi-hinged whackado is practically worth the watch alone.

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