So bad it’s…bad

Highway Hell (1941)

Even for a Poverty Row exploitation film, this is really, really cheap. The opening titles alternate with young women looking directly at the camera and saying “Going my way, Mister?”

Bad guy has a bunch of these women getting picked up by male drivers. Naturally, the film doesn’t blatantly spell out what goes on, although we do get a couple of hints in the dialogue, like the word “tart” and a reference to “the oldest profession.”

What little plot there is deals with an older guy who runs a bar and cabins. Bad Guy wants to have his women use the joint as their place of business. The older man’s son falls for one of the women, and she for him. Meanwhile, the Bad Guy has his eyes set on our movie’s Good Girl.

Less than an hour long, but shamelessly padded with stock footage of a carnival. Ends suddenly with Bad Guy shooting the woman who fell for the son and then the son shooting back (through a door, no less) so the Bad Guy very slowly walks back to the bar, has a drink, and then falls over dead.

Not a good film.

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