So bad it’s good movie

In the spirit of MST3k and movie riffing, what are some of your favorite so bad it’s good movies


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Big budget Roland Emmerich piece with great cast including John Cusack, Woody Harrelson Danny Glover, John Billingsley and many more…

It’s a 70’s disaster movie cosplaying as a modern Blockbuster, but all it presented was prime Grade A Cheese.

Some many improbabilities power the narrative, but damn… I just love how fun it all is.


Just last night I saw this

It was… something


I’ll share with you a recent discovery: Fury of the Karate Masters, Which features El Santo (or Sampson) in what I can best describe as “Apocalypse Now, but it’s a wedding drama with karate, magic, and aliens, and also it’s directed by Russ Meyer, apparently?”

It’s even more delirious to watch it, but I find its madness really appealing.


Forewarning: My heart has a special place for hot garbage.


I have no idea how well it was received by the general public, but I loved Hardcore Henry. I’m sure it’s someone’s idea of hot garbage but I like what I like.


I loved this movie.

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It was highly entertaining, though not the most intimidating movie monsters I’ve ever seen. Seems like the kids could have taken them if they’d had eight brain cells between them :woman_shrugging:

Oh I so wish I could have seen that movie! Unfortunately I suffer from simulator sickness, and the first person perspective of that and similar movies tends to set it off badly.

As to my favorite cheesy films… oh do we have the time. :rofl: I will try to give a short list below:

Sonic the Hedgehog
The Transporter series
Eight Legged Freaks
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Flash Gordon
Resident Evil series

There are more, but that’s enough to start with.


It was a fun watch. One of those lazy afternoon Saturday watch.


Think I’ve posted this before on another topic.



Made my wife sick watching, just bought it on BluRay last month after watching it again online. The last 30 minutes have the most insane choreography if you consider how much is one take.

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Is that an unlicensed film adaptation of Five Nights at Freddy’s?

I already mentioned it in one of the “Films Deserving of MSTing” threads. But Godfrey Ho’s Ninja Terminator. It’s on the long side, but you could always view it over two days (or nights). It’s not like the Moebius Strip plot is that suspenseful. Some fans refer to Ho as “the Ed Wood of Hong Kong cinema,” and that’s not too far off. Interminable martial arts showdowns (with Three Stooges overtones) featuring gangsters in bell-bottoms. A close cousin of Dr. Mustache from It Lives By Night has an urgent conversation on a clearly unplugged novelty phone. Also a couple of short and totally awkward/weird “love” scenes. (If YouTube hasn’t removed them.) Music which sounds like an 80s arcade slowly sinking underwater. Etc. It’s a treasure trove of badness.

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A new favorite of mine after watching it on The Roku Channel.

I’ve always enjoyed digging out my old VHS copy of Megaforce to inflict on unsuspecting house guests.


I’ve mentioned this before but you have to check out Wild, Wild Planet

It’s got space, mutants, babes, hot-headed commanders, “futuristic” (Jetsons-style) cities and cars, flying jeeps, midgets, flamethrower rayguns, some intense shrinkage, supercomputers made with bailing twine and balsa wood AND literal pools of blood!

Part of the Gamma One trilogy, of which The Green Slime is part.

It’s worth checking out! Expect mild thrills and “hunks of meat”

To many to name but I wish MST3k had riffed the movie The Day Time Ended, the first time I watched it I laughed so hard at the ending because I had no clue what was happening. I thought i was having a flashback.

As a horror film fan, I recommend watching any major horrorfilm series cHrOnOLoGiCaLlY…

The Apple, every time. It’s so bad, and I love it so much. It’s like a Broadway costume and set builder bus crashed into a particularly talentless improv troupe and all that could be pulled from the wreckage was this movie.

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