So bad it’s good movie

They did riff that one in season 12.

I need to find this next time I’m looking for something on The Roku Channel. That sounds absolutely cheesetastic in the best way.

Definitely David Lynch’s Dune. An absolutely gorgeous and totally incoherent mess. It was shot near my hometown of El Paso, too!

Good soundtrack, though. Love Somebody and Don’t Walk Away are good singles.

Even though I prefer the older seasons, I really enjoyed Mac N’ Me! The utter chaos of it makes it fantastically enjoyable
mac and me aliens GIF

The gang really needs to do Attack of the Killer Donuts (2016). It amounts to the crew throwing donuts at the cast.

I just thought of another one that I never got around to buying on video. There was an American take on a modern day Zatoichi film released in the late eighties. It was called Blind Fury and it starred Rutger Hauer.

Terrible film, but every time it showed up on cable, I’d sit down and enjoy it.