SO...How Does It Feel To Have ALL The Episodes?

@1godzillafan Like I said previously and I attempted twice more and failed to watch it. It Lives By Night (1974) appears in the Gizmoplex in a search though will not play for me and that backs up the faded listing of it in the Gizmoplex. Do you two have that film through an earlier purchase from VHX or Kickstarter backing? Because for me no dice. @Ivan may have an answer.

It Lives By Night (1974) is not on the Gizmoplex purchase menu. Here’s a picture. It might have been available once on VHX and a few of you may have it whereas is not actionable for me to watch even as a backer and member of the Gixmoplex. Sure it pops up on a search and that’s as far I can go.

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God tier, really. I feel like I could eat a cracker and then immediately whistle.


It should be available. Send an email to and we’ll look into it.

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I checked all my VHX packages. It’s not on any of them, but it is available in the Season 10 menu and I can play it. Don’t know why it’s not coming up for you, but here it is from my app:

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I believe you mean Attack of the the Eye Creatures.


When all the episodes were released, I held up my Ultimate Collection against the list and found it short a round dozen or so that are available in the G-Plex. The most egregious elimination was Mike’s hosting debut in The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, but some other real classics got left out too. Catalina Caper, The Dead Talk Back, Angels Revenge

… I bought them all. :shopping::smiley:


Ah—thank you! I forgot to take into account the various other packages from this and previous Kickstarters. I think those two are the only ones available for purchase that have never been part of any package is a more accurate way to say it.

Either way, I purchased both from RiffTrax in the last several years to I have them on my home media server when needed.

ETA: This is not my spreadsheet, but one built and posted in the KS comments last year. (Big thanks to the whoever posted it.)

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Having everything is what I wanted (and somehow expected?) from a Friends account on Rifftrax, so I’m thrilled to have access to the as-full-as-it-can be MST3K library without commercials.

That said, I am watching Sampson vs The Vampire Women on Pluto right now?

Maybe it’s a generation thing. We didn’t grow up with streaming and we’re used to the randomness of a radio station. There’s a rush when a song comes on that you love without you looking specifically for it.

And sometimes, choosing a thing feels insurmountably hard.

Apologies. It’s not even noon here & I’m feeling those Sunday Scaries. Hoping you’re not.


All I know is they have closed captioning so I am super excited!


-Viking women and the sea serpent
-Stranded in space
-It lives by night

As of today, these titles are available to watch but not to purchase on the Gizmoplex website. Do we know why? @ivan (I’m assuming a licensing sort of issue) They are available to purchase on though.

Also, if you backed at a level to receive the Ultimate Digital Collection, these titles were (curiously) missing from it:

-Prince of space
-Overdrawn at the memory bank
-The brain that wouldn’t die
-The skydivers
-Quest of the delta knights
-Catalina Caper
-Gamera vs Barugon
-The Dead talk back
-Angels Revenge
-Gamera vs Zigra
(and the first three mentioned above were missing as well)

These are all currently available (as of today) to purchase on the gizmoplex site.

I checked the shout factory website yesterday and a large portion of the Mst3k stuff they had up to stream has been removed. There’s still some titles left though.

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You might want to make a separate thread for this issue so the team can see it.

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I sent an email to the one Ivan provided earlier in the thread. Is that sufficient or should I start another thread too?

That should be fine. As long as he is aware of the issue. :slight_smile:

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Almost all the episodes I think for a limited time but great to see them in

Except the Godzilla episodes :(. And “Attack of The The Eye Creatures” :(.

I haven’t made any earlier purchases and my pledge for the first Kickstarter didn’t include any episodes.

If it helps, I can find It Lives by Night on the VHX site, but I can’t play it there. However, I can find it at the Gizmoplex Virtual Theater AND play it there.


To be honest? Feels like a Saturday!

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Exactly the same for me.