So how's that public launch going?

Now that the public launch weekend is behind us, I’d love to hear how everyone feels like it went. From my perspective it seemed great - the episodes were polished up nicely, the updates to the intro song are wonderful, and as I’ve gushed about already the writing and performances in the episodes were amazing.

But I’m curious about the wider reception! For those that hung out the chat rooms, did it seem like lots of new people were there compared to the soft launch? For anyone on the MST crew, how are you feeling? I hope you’re all celebrating and feeling good.


As a fan, I feel like it’s going really well. Kelsey ruffled a few fan-feathers, but it’s not nearly the fallout I expected, and people are responding well to the episodes. Lots of people comparing it to the Sci-Fi era, which- if you’re gonna be compared to any era…

The biggest ripples I’m seeing are fans that feel like the $150 season pass prices them out of new MST3K. As a backer, I know that also gives them access to tons of other great content, but I can see where they’re coming from. Perhaps there could be a just-the-episodes pass that cuts out all of the cool live events, but still allows access to completed episodes once they’re up.

There are also those who would probably rather pay $15 a month because it’s easier to budget for, even though they know that costs more money in the long run.


Probably this. The long-time fans who are backers probably aren’t fussed over a high admission price, but the casual and the curious probably just want a smaller bite sink their teeth into. And a monthly sub for those who prefer it makes sense.


Watched all of the beta releases of 1301-1303, and was a liiiiiittle worried I may not have as much fun watching the movies again a few weeks later. I am pleased to report I was completely wrong, and I had an awesome time at all 3 live events on premiere weekend. The forums were a blast and have made me love the community even more. I couldn’t be happier with how everything went and have literally zero complaints. Except that there are limited hours in the day and limited energy so we can’t have this much fun all the time.


They actually have this! All of the buy/rent options are summarized on this page:

For $130, you can own the entire series (just the episodes) as it comes out – lifetime streaming and downloads.

If they’d rather go the piecemeal approach, you can buy each episode and short individually – $15 per episode and $3 per short, which works out to $18/month. More than the $15/month you suggested, but then they own those episodes – lifetime streaming and downloads.

Cheapest route? Rent episodes for $5 apiece and shorts for $1 apiece. For $6/month, you can at least watch the new series without the commitment to buy.

There are some good options here. I think that people who balk at the deluxe $150 package need to be aware that they don’t need to make that entire commitment up front.


Yes, the seasonal pass options may not give you episode ownership, but for $60, it is the most affordable option that includes multiple months.

And if they can’t go for that, they can at least enjoy the classic episodes that are available for free until they can.


I was on the Open Threads for the Grand Opening event and they were fantastic! They move at just the right speed for me.



I love the content of the messages of the live chat, but sometimes, that can all move a bit too fast on Main Theater to follow. (The side rooms have a great tempo, though.)

There’s a great comfy feel to the Open Threads here. It really helps (and inspires) the banter, I find.


This guy can totally hang with the pace of chat in the Front Row.



He has a surprisingly deceptive flow of energy!


Yes and no?
Just thinking about similar pricing structures, I often find myself considering wanting to try something, but then you want to get the most for you money, and you don’t want to… pay for the same content twice, right?
So, you don’t want to rent/buy something, and then go, okay, I like this, now I’ll get the economic option… and pay twice for that episode I just bought.
Personally, I think it’d be great if the system could prorate your cost based on what you already spent towards content in a pass/bundle.
Buy the first episode, or a short.
Or, rent. After you’ve rented, take some cost off buying the episode you’ve just watched (And already spent some money on)
If you’ve at any point rented or bought, have the season pass / bundle reduce the price based accordingly.

Same elsewhere. I have various episodes from backing the 2 kickstarters, and I’d probably buy collections/bundles to fill out my Gizmoplex collection… if I could get some discount for the content I already own.

I’m not an economics person, but I’d suspect it would make it a lot easier for people to dip their toes in comfortably, and dive in after.

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I declare this thread is now for Weekend at Bernies GIFs!


Perhaps something to suggest is that they could implement some sort of “Build Your Own Bundle” option? Might be helpful for those with more… jumbled collections.