So off topic that it's on topic...

For reasons that relate to an old work situation (a certain things called Star Wars), I keep having thoughts around ‘I swear this is the least-connected happening/event/chat no way are we even remote to a SW conversation’ etc where all of a sudden a rabbit-hole or wiki-hopping wormhole opened up and bam it’s (in my case, Star Wars) but for here an MST3K thought/chat/gathering… (I can’t go into the SW one because some of it appears to be playing out in a new series, but will think on MST3K as well). ie so far out there and ‘off-topic’ but uh, nature finds a way.

One might, for example, be talking over the price of tea on the corner of 45th and cheez-whiz and the Klingon cold war and oh yeah hey like in experiment 302 when Joel…

So yeah, what’s been, that you recall, your most circuitous route to an MST3K conversation?


Remember the “Hobgoblins Theme Song” sketch?

On one of the popular cat rescue sites I visit almost daily, everyone got in the habit of calling pregnant kitties Catermelons. Naturally one night in the chat this led to me posting:

“Catermelons :notes:
What can ya’ do about catermelons?
Spay over here!
Neuter over there!
Or darned catermelons will be everywhere!”

I did succeed in flushing out another MSTie who was hanging out in the chat that evening! Woo! Or, “Mew!”


Ha! yeah, a prime example of ‘just when you thought it was safe…’ !
That’s great, wow…

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Thinking on it now and thinking of an ex-gf… deep hurting fans so to speak would obviously find these sorts of connections a lot easier to make, could probably take most conversations to MST in fact, but I’m still curious about the real left-field ones.


I would love to say I have, but the MSTies in my area have kept themselves well-hidden. Seems like I need to dust off my conversational skills and try to flush them out.

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Okay feels alert but one time I was talking to my friend about how much I love them and can’t even use words to describe the feeling and I said “You know the ‘deeeeep hurrrrrting’ thing in MST3K? It’s like that but in a good way.” :sweat_smile::joy: