So this fanboy sent a question to Neil Gaiman by video

Think his name was Oswald or something? Neil sorta rolled his eyes said he’s been showing up to signings for years.

You’ll hear his question (and Neil’s answer) in an upcoming episode of the HAPPY SAD CONFUSED podcast.

(I don’t think he’s on the Discourse but apologies to Patton; I took three pictures of the screen & this was the best of them?)


Dall-E to the rescue!


I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to remind everyone that Neil Gaiman keeps an irresponsible amount of pens in his pocket.


Was wondering what the shiny bling was in the lining of his jacket!

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I love Neil Gaiman and I’m inordinately fond of Patton Oswalt. This might be making me a little squishy…


Same. Neil sounded very fond of Patton, and it looks like it goes both ways. Squishy is good.

Unrelated, but from last night’s talk.

Was really excited about the idea Neil & Guillermo del Toro came up with for a Doctor Strange movie that they pitched to Kevin Feige in 2007 or so. It was set it in the roaring 20s in Manhattan, have him struggle through the Depression with alcoholism and the loss of his ability to do surgery, then learning magic and just continuing to live in Greenwich Village unnoticed to modern day because we shrug off a lot in New York.

Then my husband said, “Oh, so he turns into Doctor Mordred” and I went NOOOOOOOO! because he was right?