So which Tom and Crow is Joel going to get

For this episode, Joel will be voiced by Itchy, Servo by Lumpy and Crow by Malla.




Dear gods, noooooooooooooo!


Due to the most recent freak accident, Servo and Crow are now gonna be speaking in Japanese during the first theater segment (not counting Madvertisements): with voices provided by Akio Otsuka (Snake from Metal Gear Solid), and Jun Fukuyama (Roy since Super Smash Bros. Melee) respectively.


I saw Weird Al give a talk and Q&A after a screening of UHF, and someone asked him who he thought would play him in a reboot. His answer? “Probably Jonah Ray. He’s in everything these days.”

So I predict, just as a wild guess, that the role of Joel will actually be played by one Jonah Ray Rodrigues.

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Luke Skywalker “Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!” Reaction GIF

BIGgest Spoiler Yet:

All voices will be provided by… a certain notorious destroyer of worlds, and his killer volcano of course.

Now remember: mum’s the word on this. If Alternaversal finds out I spilled the beans, we’ll have to kill us. :shushing_face:

As a double curveball, Tom Servo will be voiced by Bill Corbett, and Crow will be voiced by a highly aggressive Joe Don Baker.

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Tom and Crow won’t have voices.




I would love to hear Akio Otsuka voice Tom Servo. His voice is like butter.

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