SOLVED: 3 month pass do i access?

Bought 3-month pass for 20 on BACKER. How the heck do I access it?

If you got your 3-month pass from backing the Kickstarter campaign, the info in this link should give you everything you need:

However, as per the link below, you can only use a 3-month pass right now if you “reserved a Gizmoplex Pass through our Kickstarter campaign or a pre-order before March 1, 2022.”

Otherwise, your Gizmoplex pass will be valid starting this Friday, May 6th.

If that doesn’t help or if you need any further assistance, just give us a yell and we’ll go from there.

And welcome to the forums!


Thanks. I haven’t received the email from backerkit. This needs to be streamlined. I’m feeling like I’m out 20 bucks. I’ve been messing with this on and off all day. Waste of time.

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If you haven’t received your Gizmoplex Pass email, there’s a solution for that, too.

Double-check your junk/spam folders first if you haven’t done so already. If there’s nothing there, you’ll want to check out the link below: