SOLVED: all offline videos deleted

Went to watch an offline episode and they’ve all gone. My available space on my phone has shot up too, so they’ve been actually deleted.

It’s been about a month since I downloaded them and everything has been fine until today. My WiFi was turned off when I opened the app.

If there are any log files I can send, let me know.

I doubt there is any way the team can delete items from your phone. (and I don’t remember any sort of expiration date for files that are downloaded) Do you have any sort of app set up that will automatically delete files if your available memory reaches a critical level? This could be a ‘feature’ of the phone as well.


I wonder if you and SOLVED: Offline videos disappear at random are experiencing the same thing?

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It’s the same issue posted twice by one user. I know one other user commented in the first thread that it had happened to them as well, but I can’t find mention of it happening to anyone else—hopefully someone will speak up if so. I’ve tried replicating it on a couple of devices and haven’t had any luck yet.

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If the WiFi was off , it may have needed that to verify the downloaded file and may explain why it didn’t show, but to actually free up space in the storage wouldn’t be explained by that. Using a redmi phone, the cleaner will give the option to free up space by deleting large files, so might be a feature of the phone or an app, like anti virus, that removes them too.

Edit to add, could you detail what device you’re using ? IE laptop, windows 10, dell or iPhone 13, iOS 15.4 etc

Oh, oop, didn’t notice.

Google Pixel 5, stock operating system. Went from having 5GB free to 60GB. No cleaners or other maintenance applications were run or are installed.

Technically not the same issue. I’ve had three with the same symptoms but very different outcomes

  1. Everything disappeared from the offline list, but reappeared later, files intact.
  2. Nothing disappeared from the offline list, but the files had been deleted and needed to be redownloaded
  3. Everything disappeared from the offline list and all files had been deleted
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Honestly,. I work tech support for a mobile phone provider in the UK, I may be able to offer a good bit of help. DM me if you want or can carry on thru this thread. Would you be able to test on another device? See if an issue like this reoccurs, it’s to see if it’s device related or account related, so helps find the source of the problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If possible, please keep it here in the thread so any solutions are available for everyone.

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