SOLVED: BackerKit Survey Locked Down?

Hello MST3K community.

I’m at a loss as to how to redeem my Gizmoplex membership. Bought the Premiere Pass. Have the Gizmoplex app for FireTV and an account using the correct e-mail on said app.

We apparently were supposed to receive a link to take a Survey and then get a code. I never received that survey almost three weeks later and when I visit the link to resend the BackerKit survey, it has no information about the survey. Only a green box that says “Your order is locked down.”

Did we miss a step or is there a delay in delivering codes? I’m worried our house won’t be ready for the first episode in May. Help!


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Try sending an email directly to

I’ll also send up the @ivan signal in case he’s around this weekend, but you’ll probably have better luck with the email address.


Thank you! Related question: Having never used Kickstarter before (I know, I know), I’m uncertain if this payment was even made through them!

The original link I clicked on (“Get your season pass now!”) took me to the Gizmoplex site. Are all passholders going through Kickstarter or was there a direct payment option I stumbled into and have yet to redeem?

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Did you back the project during the fundraising or did you buy a pass later after the initial campaign was finished?


I suppose I bought a pass later. Just three weeks ago. Perhaps I’m on a waiting list?

Thanks for your insight. I’m impressed by the community speed here.

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Hmm, if you bought the pass after the fact, then yes, I think you need to wait for the general public premiere in May. You will then have access to the first two movies and special events, and then be ‘caught up’ so to speak for the rest of the run.