SOLVED - Can't Access / Sign In to Anything

Okay. I’ve spent a week trying to figure this out, and I’ve slammed right into a brick wall.

I did not previously have a VHX or any other sort of account, only this forum’s Discourse sign in. I was waiting for the app launch to get everything set up. So I got the email on Monday and start it up.

– Downloaded the Gizmoplex app on my Roku.
– Attempted to sign in, using the email/password combo I had for the forum.
– Not recognized.
– I hit “reset password.”
– Never received email.
– Tried that again.
– No email.
– Go over to VHX and sign up for an account.
– See absolutely nothing available through VHX; it’s asking me for subscribers and channel info (it seems to think I’m a content creator, not consumer).
– Try to sign into Gizmoplex with same info I used on VHX.
– Not recognized.
– Hit “reset password.”
– No email.

And so it goes for the last 72 hours. Can’t sign into the Gizmoplex on phone, desktop, through the email links, or through Roku. Can’t seem to reset password. I’m using the same email across all platforms.

I’m probably just missing something completely simple and obvious, but could someone please take mercy on me and show me what’s right in front of my face? I’m usually very good at following directions and / or figuring things out, but this is eluding me and my frustration is making my eyes spin in their sockets.

Appreciate any info!


Are you using the same email address on Gizmoplex/VHX as you used in the Kickstarter campaign, the one to which your Backerkit rewards were delivered? That’s the first diagnostic step. After that we can explore other options.

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Yep. I have one dedicated email address that I use exclusively for online signups. I’ve used it for everything here; Kickstarter, Discourse, etc. I even triple checked to make sure I hadn’t misspelled something at some point. But it is the same.

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Okay, a few things to try.

  1. If you go to, can you login there? Very probably it will redirect you to the Gizmoplex URL, but worth a try.

  2. Did you receive any kind of confirmation email when setting up the VHX or Gizmoplex account for the first time? If so, was there a verification link to follow, or a link to your account?

  3. When you use the Backerkit links after logging into VHX, do they add anything to your account, or at least give you the option to add the item? Note that it may show a price for the item, but this will be negated by credits. Items aren’t automatically added upon account creation, so you would need to do this after your account is set up and logging in works.

If you have any informative screenshots, please post those as well.

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In between these two steps, did you create a VHX/Gizmoplex account?


I believe vhx is the way to go. The forum is unrelated (besides topically) you’re welcome to use the same credentials but that’s personal preference, not the symbiotic relationship of say: Amazon and Audible


Allrighty. Here we go with some screen caps. I appreciate you peeps helping me out.

  1. It redirects me to the Gizmoplex sign-in, where I get stuck in the “not recognized” / “reset password” loop.

And I never get a reset email. (And yep, I check all spam filters, etc.)

  1. Only thing I got was this email from a Vimeo address:

  1. I log into VHX and it takes me to this screen, which does NOT look right.

Then when I use the backerkit links, it takes me here:

I try to sign in using my VHX credientials:

And it bounces me back to the Gizmoplex sign-in and the Loop of Doom.

I created a VHX account (which still looks so wonky to me) and I can’t create a Gizmoplex account because I get caught in the Loop of Doom.

VHX must me where I’m going wrong. I feel like I’ve signed up in the wrong place, but that’s where dumped me off. Is there a particular place where I should be?

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VHX has two kinds of accounts. This gets confusing. Try going to this address for the kind of account you’re looking for:

Hopefully, this will let you create an account - and not the content-creator kind, which won’t help you get to your MST3K resources.

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Can you try these steps on the Gizmoplex website?

Enter your email in the Login form.


Instead of proceeding, click the “Email me a sign in link” and see if that works.

Also, once you do get this working, you can connect the Roku app with the Activation code method instead of login. This gives you a URL and a short code to enter on your computer, assuming it and the Roku are on the same network.

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Got it! I wound up deleting my “creator” profile at VHX, then going through the BackerKit email and to the redemption Gizmoplex screen (the one with the “payment” and coupon bit), and instead of “log in,” I clicked “join” with email and password and BOOM. Everything registered, I redeemed all of my links, and everything is showing up in my library.

Now to get home after work and try the same magic on the Roku/TV set up.

Many thanks @SandyFrank, @ramuji, @Robb, and @NotTVsFrank for your tips and pointers. Coffee’s on me if you find yourself down in 𝙏𝙝𝙚 Super-Secret, Pseudo-Private, Regular Lounge™.

high fives all around




Thank you! I was going nuts having the exact same issues.


Woot and yay! (Assuming it worked for you too! :laughing:)

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And one last comment: logged into the Roku Gizmoplex app with no issues whatsoever. All is there. Huzzah!!

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cool cool cool

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