SOLVED: Captions Misidentified Riffers

Greetings. I was watching “Prince of Space” recently at the Virtual Theater and I had the captions on and whoever did the captions didn’t know Mike, Crow and Servo’s voices very well, because many riffs by Crow said it was Mike, and riffs by Servo said it was Crow and so on. Most of the riffs for the segment I watched with them on misidentified the riffers almost every time lol.

So, I would suggest having a MSTie who knows Joel/Mike and the bot’s voices well, go through the captions to make sure they’re giving proper credit to the riffers. Just a suggestion. When I watched the newer episodes with Jonah, they seemed to identify the proper riffer in those episodes. And again, it was only episode 816 “Prince of Space” that I saw this on. The other episodes might be fine but I assume if that one is off then some of the others probably are too.


Hey @MST3KaDayOnIG, do you happen to know if this is still off for you? We’re going through and seeing what still needs to be fixed.


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@LadyStarblade yes it’s still misidentifying the riffers. An example on “Prince of Space” (816) is @ 20:00 exactly, the riff is, “We have to place the lunch order, sir.” which is being said by Mike but the Captions say it’s Crow. Pretty sure the next riff (Mike making a chicken noise lol) also says it’s Crow. So, they’re still not accurate all the time. It’s not every single riff is wrong. But some are.

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Here’s the official Google Doc for submitting caption corrections.


Hiya @MST3KaDayOnIG, thanks for checking in! See @MichaelRobertson’s post aboveon our friendly caption correction bot. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanx for the info. I submitted those 2 mistakes to the link you provided. I’m sure there’s more on that episode (and most likely others) so, I’ll get to watching them, starting with 816 “Prince of Space” and I’ll mark down each mistake onto a Notepad file and then submit them to the link. Then I’ll start working on other episodes lol. I’ll do the best I can to help make these CC perfect.


PS The submissions I made I put the riffs in quotes because it’s my opinion that if the riffers are making remarks that are supposed to be coming from the characters in the film, the riff should be in quotes to mark that. This is what I do for my MST3K MEME’s on my MST3KaDay account on IG. But that’s just my own personal way of doing things. The people responsible for the CC for the Gizmoplex might disagree. I just wanted to explain why I put my riffs in quotes on those 2 submissions. :grin:


Is it possible to add the shorts collection to the list as well or do I need to find the episode it is attached to?

Thank you

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