SOLVED: Dates Request

Are the dates for the new movies posted somewhere? When will Robot Wars air? Beyond Atlantis? Etc.

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Got you covered here! Every single Release Date for the Season 13 episodes and Gizmoplex streams has been announced!

Robot Wars is set for April 1st, and Beyond Atlantis will debut on April 29th.


Thanks for the quick response. Already started adding dates & times to my calendar. Someone should put this on the gizmoplex web site MST3K: THE GIZMOPLEX


Very welcome - cheers, and here’s to a fantastic Season 13!

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So I know we can see the dates of the episode premieres on the Season Pass, but I’ve never seen anything official that says what each show will be. Is it just being assumed based on trailer-order, or is there something I’m missing that tells what order the episodes will air?

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I don’t think there is a detailed set in stone timeline. But if you look at the dates presented for the premiere, and the types of movies being released, it makes sense with the trailers revealed order that the Christmas movie would come out during Christmas and the Halloween one around Halloween.

I do think it’s still possible that they could switch up what releases when, but so far the trailer reveals and the dates seem to match up 1 to 1.


I updated the WIkipedia page with the dates through 1304 based on what the thumbnail says in the Gizmoplex. Someone else listed 1305-1313. I didn’t want to list anything beyond April in the event something changed.

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