SOLVED: Doubled canister??

Not sure if this is a bug, or what it is. I tend to click things just to see what happens. Well I clicked on Santo’s name in the Treasure of Dracula write up:

It loads a new screen and for some reason, there are two canisters for Santo and the Treasure of Dracula. One with the movie ticket art, and one with the regular canister art:

I’m assuming there is supposed to be some sort of connection with all of these films to Santo, yes?


Those are two separate videos. One is the full livestream, the other is the rough cut episode only.

Santo/Santa I think is just a similar search result. The rest are where santo is referenced, I believe. Ivan said something to that effect in the past.

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Okay, I can buy that, but the ticket art canister only shows up when I click Santo’s name, otherwise, it’s the key art like all of the others:


That’s just because we haven’t loaded the metadata onto the premiere livestream yet. Once we do, it’ll show up in searches for that tag.