SOLVED: Ep 1305 Dr. Mordrid Production Error in Tom's Standup comedy sketch

In the Doctor Mordrid (1305) episode during the host sketch 25 minutes in the whole scene “floats down” as it goes on, showing the cutoff point of the Mech Hands, holding the brickwall backdrop, at the top of the frame getting lower and lower to the point where it’s hanging below the lights at the top of the door when the movie sign goes off at the end.


If you look at the details on the front of the desk, you can see the whole scene has “floated down” the frame not just the Mech hands.

I don’t know if this is the kind of thing that could still be fixed or if it’s not the kind of thing they are going to go back and fix at this point, so sorry if this is not something that should be posted here.


Hey listen, whether or not it can (or should) be fixed, this was a really good catch! Nicely done!


Seconded, good eye - I gave it a vote just in case it can be fixed

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Not something I would have noticed. Even now it probably won’t bother me if it never gets fixed, but you get a vote so that it gets the visibility in case they want to fix it.


This is the exact place to post something like this! Good catch and thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Must be some weird glitch that only popped up in the final render. At any rate, the proper people have been notified and we’ll see what can be done about it. Thanks again!


I noticed this has now been fixed in the version that’s available to stream & download. In case anyone else wants to get the updated file.