SOLVED: Gamera vs Guiron - telling me I need a ticket?

I try to enter the kingadome and it says I need a ticket. But I was an over 100$ backer. First time this has been an issue for me and I wanted to bring it up right away. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. TY!

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Please try doing a hard refresh on your browser first—hold down Shift while reloading the page twice. If that doesn’t work let us know.

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No luck as of yet.

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Bummer! One more thing before we run it up the line to Ivan’s team: Please log out and back in and see if that makes any difference.

it was a good idea - but it didnt work. maybe I’m tooo early? thank you again.

Hmmm … well, I was just running through the standard “do these things before submitting a help request” stuff, but now I can’t get in either, even though I was in there earlier looking around. Let’s give it some time.


Hmm, I’m getting the same error, though I was able to get past Crow a little while ago.

I suspect they may be prepping the site for the premiere. Maybe give it a bit of time and see if it clears. Or @ivan might have an idea we can try.

EDIT Michael types faster than I do. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you have a Gizmoplex Pass? Because I’ve got the 12 Month Pass, and it’s working for me.

I also have Crow telling me I don’t have a ticket, though I have a 12-Month pass. He offers to re-check it, finds nothing, then directs me to the Help Page. Which… opens on a mostly blank page with no links.

[sigh] Not sure it matters much. The last few shows have been either difficult or impossible for me to view in real time anyway. I’ve had to wait until after the live viewing is completed. :confused:

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Are you on the VHX site (or using an app) or in the Virtual Theater? The issue appears to be with the theater.

Ah I see. Yes, I’m using the app, personally

I am now able to get in the Kingadome—how about everyone else?


Reload and try it now – it should be working!


I can get into the Kingadome now as well!


Yay! It’s working now! TY!!
(Hopefully I helped y’all avoid issues by bringing them to your attention.)


I’m in now, thanks!

Seeing that little flickery revolving square thing. Not sure if that’s a good sign, or…?

I guess only time will tell if the show actually plays for me or not. :crossed_fingers:

[ETA-- @MichaelRobertson 's tips were ultimately helpful. Though I had to re-open tabs & do the hard refresh multiple times before I got results. Try that, if nothing else seems to work.]