SOLVED: Gift passes to the gizmoplex

If I got a 1month gift subscription, when I give it to someone, if they were to wait until the end of season 13, could they watch ALL of season 13? Or would it only give them access to events within the last month?


I don’t think content will be available in such a way that you will be able to binge it all like that.


I figured not. But I thought I’d ask first. Because even if they wait a couple months, could they stream a couple months worth?

Inquiring minds need to know!

I would hope so?

I’d think that limited/special events, like the live premiere of each episode (and any Q&As, bonus content, etc) may not be available, but the S13 episodes themselves should be available to stream?



I don’t know if there has been any word on what season 13 shows are available with the pass. I hadn’t given it any thought, honestly. I do feel confident saying that special events have a “shelf-life”, being available for approximately 1 month after they “air”. This has been repeated by Joel a buncha times, so that’s clear. I’m sure lots of folks would like to know if all premiered season 13 episodes are available whenever you have an active pass or if there is some limit to that.

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Voila! "Can I save my 1-MONTH GIFT PASS until the end of the year and see all of Season 13 at once?"

" Each 1-MONTH GIFT PASS is valid for 30 days from the date on which the recipient redeems it and starts watching videos.

Please note that the 1-MONTH GIFT pass will consist of two gift codes:

  • A Gizmoplex EVENT PASS, that grants access to attend or stream our first two livestream events held in March 2022.

    • No matter when the 1-MONTH GIFT pass is redeemed, it will only provide streaming access to events from March 2022, not the entire season. Waiting to redeem the pass later in the year will not give the gift recipient access to more episodes, so there’s no reason to wait and redeem it late.
  • A Gizmoplex VAULT PICKS PASS, that grants access to a monthly rotating selection of six classic episodes sharing a single theme."


That was my assumption, but my wife borat voice MY WIFE asked about using the 1month pass later.

So that should sufficiently throw her under the bus, and answer that question.

Thanks Lesley - I got three for friends and family and will pass them out this month based on your explanation, rather than wait a few months under the expectation of them being able to stream more S13 episodes.


Well… huh.

I’m not mad, just disappointed.

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