SOLVED: Gizmoplex - Create a New ID... Or What?

Maybe I just missed it, but I haven’t seen in any of the recent emails whether I’m supposed to create and use a new ID for the Gizmoplex, or if I should use the one from here or from somewhere else in my long history with MST3K.

What should I be doing BEFORE I go to that Digital Downloads page for my kickstarter rewards and put codes into the Gizmoplex?

Do I just sign up there like it’s my first dance, or what?

Help, please!

– NotBot Steve


From the relevant Help Desk article:

“If you’ve ever redeemed a digital episode reward from our Season 11 Kickstarter or Season 12 Pledge Drive, you probably already registered a VHX account – which is now your Gizmoplex account.”

So yes, use your VHX account info if you have it!


I didn’t, and didn’t think I had it… But I tried the “reset password” option, and sure enough…

It found me! And now I seem able to click through to all my rewards. (Or at least all the ones I’ve tried so far.)


HOWEVER, I do think you should have an article that explains how to sign up, whether you have an old account (as it turns out I did) or need to create a new one. Something like:

  1. determine if you have a previous MST3K account (details), and if you do… Do this.
  2. if you don’t, then sign up for a new Gizmoplex account, and do this…

Just a suggestion, but it would have saved me an hour’s worth of searching if something like that existed here and in the Gizmoplex Help Desk.

All the existing articles seem to start, “Once you’ve signed in to your account…”


Thanks again!

– Steve


VHX probably changed their login process since the last Kickstarter effort. They went from using an email with a link as the primary method to using email for username and a password.