SOLVED: Gizmoplex Downloads Failing

Greetings. I purchased during the last Kickstarter EVERY single digital video package that I possibly could, to get the largest legal digital collection of MST3K that I could!

Well, I started to download them all today, and all was well and good, until about ten minutes ago. Then this started happening:

Now, I’d already sucessfully downloaded 74 of the episodes that I’d bought today, but then when I dipped into the “Ultimate Digital Package”, to get the rest that weren’t in the other packages, they started failing all of a sudden.

I checked the Gizmoplex Help page, but there was no mention of “failed downloads” there, nor do any results come up when I search. And, the Gizmoplex website itself doesn’t appear to have a “Contact Support” page, so this was the first place that I thought to come to.

Any ideas, anyone?

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That’s a new one! There’s a place to submit a support ticket, but it’s a little hidden. You can find it here.

And if no one gets back to you there, try emailing

But maybe it’s just too many downloads at once? Try waiting a bit and retry the downloads one at a time, see if that helps.


I occasionally have a similar problem with Rifftrax and other media sites, where if I try downloading more than 2 or 3 items with large file sizes at the same time, some of the downloads time out in my browser’s download manager. I usually find that if I take it just a few files at a time and wait until the previous batch are done before downloading more, everything comes through eventually.

I assume that this is the site limiting downloads to prevent a potential DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack situation.


This seems to be the case. I started downloading one or two at a time, and that’s giving me a better success rate. Strange though that it’d let me do that with the other big packs that I downloaded. Like I was able to download the whole Deluxe pack pretty much all at the same time. You’d think the site would block that too… but it didn’t… strange.


That must’ve put you on a “no riff” list (similar to a ‘no fly’ list, but for riffing)

You are OBVIOUSLY suspicious! sarcasm


Maybe someone noticed the mass download and put in the limit?