SOLVED: I am lost. (Login / Usage Questions)

I looked through other Help Desk posts here and I looked on my Facebook/MST3K posts to try to understand. I don’t.

I feel totally lost because I am beyond confused how this all works. I think the first problem is: I don’t know what exactly I purchased - I paid the $135 (a few days ago) for the… “Backer”? Streaming? Login? I thought the $135 payment allowed me to start watching Season 13 and other episodes/shorts, etc as soon as they are available. But now I see ‘May 6/60 days’ so - does this mean I just paid $135 to wait until May 6? In other words I have to wait until May 6 even though I just paid $135 for… something? I received email confirmation for the “Backer”? “Pledge” or something. I know I paid for something. I am confused about what I bought. Do I need to pay something to a Kickstarter/Let’s More Make MST3K instead? I did not get any codes or any emails with codes or other links to watch content.

If I waited until May 6 would ALL the content be free?

What is VHX? Or was it VFX? Do I need to log-out of something? Do I need to cancel or delete a login to log back in to Gizmoplex? I can login to Gizmoplex, but I can’t watch the new Santo/Dracula episode 1301.

And then there’s the Roku confusion. I have a Roku but I cannot find a way to access Gizmoplex on my Smart TV/Roku. It seems like others found a way to access Gizmoplex through Roku but I can’t find it.



I can’t really help you out with the rest of your questions, but to find the Gizmoplex app on Roku you need to either search for “Mystery Science Theater 3000” without the quotes or go to this link:

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edit: Tim said it all better and more accurately below, no reason for me to keep my rambling guesses here.

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You got a lot of questions there. But let’s start off by clarifying what you bought.

You backed up the effort to give MST3K its own home, away from relying on massive corporations and networks, and I’m assuming this may be your first Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is a way for smaller groups to get public funding to make a product/service etc. So when you make a pledge, you, along with many others are putting their money towards and idea, and a vision so that there will be funds for said idea and vision to come to fruition.

Right now you are at the tail end of the waiting, and the fun of the content being recorded and released throughout the year.

You will get the rewards you paid for, but as with any Kickstarter, there is a delay on them being created, finalized and shipped or delivered.

Only the first Livestream has happened for the new season, and soon the first episode will be released. But currently you can watch the live stream via the MST3K app. You should of received emails about that and you can find info in the Kickstarter app under updates.

You should also have other digital rewards accessible with the MST3K app. VHX is a platform that houses the videos temporarily, and the current MST3K is a skin over VHX. So think of VHX = MST3K app.

The Gizmoplex, is the custom platform being finalized to be the final resting place for all things MST3K.




Hey @MerlinHay! Welcome to the forums and welcome to the Gizmoplex! Sorry you’re feeling lost, but there are lots of kind, helpful people here that will point you in the right direction. All of the responses thus far have been true, but I think they may have overlooked something you mentioned, so let’s take your questions one at a time.

Unfortunately, yes it does. Sorry if that wasn’t made abundantly clear when you purchased, but the first two months of the Gizmoplex are a private soft launch for backers and those who purchased the Event Pass before March 1, 2022. This allows us to work some of the kinks out of the platforms, finish post-production on the early episodes and make sure things are as smooth as possible when it opens to the general public on May 6.

And since you just purchased the Event Pass a few days ago, you’re going to have to wait a little while. Again, sorry that wasn’t made more clear. If it’s any consolation, the pass that you purchased is a great value and there will be a ton of stuff ready for you to watch on May 6, with new stuff coming out every two weeks after!

No. The ultimate goal of the Gizmoplex is for MST3K to become self-sustaining. The money made from continuing memberships and ticket purchases during one season will finance the production of the next one. That way, MST3K can survive as long as the fans keep supporting it! But that means we have to charge money for it, so the new content won’t be free anytime soon. When the season ends, there may be plans to start showing the new episodes on the free MST3K channels like Twitch and Shout Factory, but that’s a long way away.

VHX (now known as Vimeo OTT) is basically the platform the Gizmoplex runs on. If you’ve ever redeemed a digital episode reward from our Season 11 Kickstarter or Season 12 Pledge Drive, you probably already registered a VHX account – which is now your Gizmoplex account. But if you can log in to your Gizmoplex account, you’re good. You just have to wait a little while longer.

Make sure you’re searching “Streaming Channels” and not just the general search feature. Then search for “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” Spelling it out is the best way to find the app - don’t use “MST3K” or “Gizmoplex” - it won’t pop up for those search terms. More info on downloading the apps at this Help Desk article.

Hope that answers some of your questions and points you in the right direction! Please feel free to reach out if you have any other issues.


This was incredibly detailed, polite, concise, and compassionate. And it was from a cast member of the show.

This is why I love this show so much. All of the cast and crew are always so awesome to interact with. Thank you, Tim, for being so cool.


It’s my pleasure! I’ve been looking at some of this stuff for so long, it’s just nice that it’s out in the world and I can talk about it with other people. And if I can help people get on the right track technologically, so much the better.


Thank you all for the replies and the information. This helps a lot and now I get it - finally.

And thank you for the Muppet Movie reference. I am old enough to remember the movie and get the joke.