SOLVED: Kickstarter backer expires June 30? No Live event?

So, I went in to watch tonight’s live GIzmoplex event, but it says my kickstarter event pass expired June 30. Though, when I went to the Gizmoplex live event link, it says included with all Gizmoplex passes—but mine expired then?

I went through lots of emails and support links and found out that I should have paid extra to see the full new seasons. I did request a Season pass at the kickstarter rate, but wondering if anyone else just realized this.

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The Kickstarter passes were different lengths depending on what level you pledged at. There is a thread where they answer the question of how to extend your pass.


Hello there, @MichaelVH, and welcome to the forums!

I see that you requested a Season Pass at the Kickstarter rate. Please keep us posted here so that we can know how that worked out for you.

If any other Kickstarter backers are in a similar situation and would like to extend their Gizmoplex Pass, you certainly can do so.

Taken from the help article linked below:

If your Kickstarter rewards (or pre-order selections) include a pass for 3, 6 or 9 months of Gizmoplex access, you can upgrade to a full 12 month pass whenever you’re ready.

We’ll even give a special backer discount on the regular price.

Just email us at and let us know the email address you used for your Kickstarter pledge, and we’ll walk you through the rest!