SOLVED: No Stinger?


I was just watching “Overdrawn At the Memory Bank” that I got from the Gizmoplex and I noticed that the stinger isn’t there. I checked the Gizmoplex and there’s 2 different versions of “Memory Bank” there with one of them titled “MST3K_Overdrawn_Memory_Bank_EndTag”. The “EndTag” one is 3 seconds longer than the other episode (the one I have). I assume that version has the 3 second “Mom, am I nuts?” stinger at the end hence the “EndTag” part in the title. My question is, WHY? Why are there 2 separate versions of that episode, one with the stinger and one without? I checked and I can buy the stinger version for $7.99 but I shouldn’t have to buy an episode I already own for a 3 second stinger that should be on EVERY version of the episode.

So, anyone able to answer this for me?


Hmmm … honestly, that’s a great question. I hadn’t noticed that it was missing from my Gizmoplex copy until you mentioned it. I’m going to change this to a support request and we’ll run it up the line to see if we can get some clarification.

Everyone: Please remember to vote for bug reports and feature requests that apply to you! Ivan’s team takes community voting into account when prioritizing issues.


I would but I’m at my vote limit.


That is indeed a problem. If I have some available time tomorrow I’ll make a pass through the help desk and see if there are any open tickets that can be closed. If so and it’s something you voted for, you’ll get that vote back.

Alternately, you can remove votes from previous posts if you would rather vote for something else. There is a list of votes you’ve cast under the Activity tab of your profile.

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Yeah, searched through past votes and removed votes for questions from past/now closed Q&A threads a few weeks back. I suppose I should go through old posts and make sure I don’t have any votes in since closed threads.


Discourse should give those votes back as soon as a thread is closed or archived. I’m getting ready to call it a night but I’ll dig into this in the morning and see if something has gone squiffy.


No worries, wasn’t trying to make more work for anyone.

Most of my used votes are in feature requests threads that are still open.

The last time I checked, I think that I found two used votes in closed threads? I think they were both Q&A threads???

I’ll check my votes and see what I can find now.


Only found one vote in a closed thread tonight.

But, I don’t want to remove it because I hope something comes out of it?

Perhaps this Q&A question post could be merged into the Merch thread? (I don’t remember if I have that power or not…)

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Apologies all – this was a clerical error. The version with the stinger was meant to replace the original version altogether, not be added as a second option. The stingerless version is gone, and you can access the one with the stinger everywhere the episode is available.

Sorry for the mixup!