SOLVED: Offline videos disappear at random

I downloaded a whole bunch of episodes to watch on the go with the MST3K app on Android, went to watch one today and they’ve all been removed!

Can someone look into this please? Downloading those episodes took quite a few evenings!

Edit: they have reappeared! So, let’s change this to “disappear at random”

With iPhones, there’s a feature that automatically deletes local files when you’re low on space. I dunno if Androids do that. Every once in a while that’ll happen to me and it’s pretty frustrating.

When you say “removed,” do you mean they were deleted from the phone but could still be downloaded or do you mean they disappeared from the app and couldn’t be accessed?

Were you downloading episodes you own, or were they perhaps last month’s vault picks?

They had disappeared from the list, the list was empty and there was no suggestion of a permissions issue.

These were all episodes I have purchased.

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No, this has happened on my tablet as well, and I have over 2 GB of space on the device. The file is still downloaded, but it doesn’t show up until I try to download it again, then it shows up 5 seconds later.

I only downloaded one episode, and it has disappeared twice already.

Hey @xmakina and @Herandar, you folks still having issues with your vids? Just going through and seeing what still needs to be worked on.

Thanks much!


I’ve not found a way to reproduce the bug

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Then we’re going to hope that it’s worked it way out. Thanks so much for checking on that and let us know if it happens again!

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