SOLVED: Only one app would show the 1303 live stream replay

Sat down to watch the Beyond Atlantis live stream replay. I first tried using the MST3K app on my Amazon Fire Stick. It came up with a screen that said “Livestream will begin shortly” and that was all it showed, even after manually scrolling through the whole thing. So I went to the Gizmoplex site and tried watching it but had the same thing. Finally I tried using the VHX app on my iPad and that worked, though I had to scroll to around the 30 minute mark before it showed anything more than the initial screen and it started.

Replays show the entire stream, even the preshow screen. Once the episode is complete there will be a episode version available.

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Yes I know, I wanted to watch it with all the extra stuff in it. I was just confused why two things wouldn’t show it at all when I had no trouble with the other ones.

As of 7/10/22, this looks to be running smooth in the Virtual Theater and Roku App.

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