SOLVED: Problems with the Beyond Atlantis subtitles

The captions for Beyond Atlantis seem to have been cut off after a certain number of characters, with some lines cut mid-word. Hope that gets fixed soon — the captions are really useful!

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@ItsJustAShow, please post that in the Gizmoplex bug category so the team gets a heads-up about it in a more visible place.

Wait, nevermind. I’ll fix it…

Mod hat - I’ve split this post into its own topic as a bug report.


I will say that the captioning issues for Beyond Atlantis AREN’T without their hilarity.


Opens up the possibility of a comic subtitles track. A bit like that Monty python movie intro whose name escapes me, but someone will enlighten me. A few lines in, cut to the subtitle writer taking a call or having to feed the dog or something and make the subs match what they doing. Or just the odd line where they tune out and say, ‘oops, missed that one’ etc.

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Ivan’s team has a submission form built for subtitle corrections—if you find anything that needs to be fixed, you can send it in here:


Monty Python had some great eccentric uses for credits throughout the TV series, but the most prominent one you’re likely thinking of is this: Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Opening Credits - YouTube

Fun Fact: They used a lot of stock music from the DeWolfe library, the first two are Wide Horizon/Ice Floe by Pierre Arvay, Country Wide by Anthony Mawer, and The Big Country by Keith Papworth used for the “England 932 A.D.” caption. Unfortunately the Mariachi-esque music for the Llama credits remains unidentified, possibly one of the handful of original recordings done for the film.

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That’s the one. The one I have on VHS lol.