SOLVED: Saving my place in a movie?

I read the FAQs and did a quick search of the forum, but I didn’t see this issue brought up.

When I use the MST3K app on my smart TV, it remembers my place in a movie between sessions – if I stop at 44:00, leave the app, and later restart it, the movie resumes at 44:00. But when I watch a movie on my computer, it doesn’t seem to be keeping my place – if I stop at 44:00, close the tab, and return later, it starts me from the beginning.

Oddly enough, if I start a movie on my smart TV, pause it, and launch the player on my computer, it picks up where I left off on the TV.

So I’m guessing the problem is on my end. My question is, does anyone have any suggestions? Are there any cookie settings that I might have screwed up on my computer or… something? I’m running Chrome on a Chromebook.

This isn’t a dealbreaker; I’m pretty used to just putting up with Chromebook limitations. But if anyone knows a fix I could try from my end, I’d appreciate it.


Is this in the virtual theater or at the VHX site? I’m assuming the VHX site as you say you are using an app.


It’s been in both the VHX site and the virtual theater. It only remembers what I’ve done with the Roku app.


Just watch the movie all the way through? :rofl:


Do you have another computer you can test on? I wonder if it is a bit of Chromebook flaky-ness. There shouldn’t be anything in your cookies or other settings that would cause this to happen.


If it’s any consolation, the Gizmoplex ( site saves your place between watching sessions, even between different computers in different states :+1:


I suggest you try another browser. If it works in FireFox, then the problem is a Chrome setting. I use Chrome, and it remembered where I paused last night when I looked at it this morning.


Well, I feel silly, I finally found my own solution to this problem, so I’ll share it for posterity.

It was uBlock Origin. uBlock was blocking the site from saving my place between visits.

I whitelisted the Gizmoplex by visiting the virtual theater site, clicking the uBlock shield, and clicking the big blue “power button” symbol that comes up on the popup window. Now it’s saving my place.

Hope that helps someone, somewhere, someday!