SOLVED: Season 11 in the 'plex

So this is likely my fault, but pretty sure within my rewards (Experiment 150) for the first Kickstarter I should have had the digital episode rewards but as we were politely asked, and cause it was easier at the time. I just watched them on Netflix.

No we got the Gizmoplex set up and I have access to the rewards from both Kickstarters, I realize I don’t have those episodes. I’ve tried mining through my old e-mails and KS updates but not finding anything that gets any results beyond broken or out of date links.

If we should have those rewards from before, is there a proper way to get them now?


There’s a help article for that floating around somewhere. Stand by …

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If you know what email address you used (or may have used, I guess) for the earlier KS campaign, you should be able to get everything merged together by contacting VHX support.


Thank you, I’ll look into that.

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I used the same account back then as now, but Season 11 has disappeared from my library. I know it was the same account, because the “#BroughtBackMST3K Deluxe Collection” of classic episodes is still there from before.

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Thanks again for the link, but that just addresses merging details from different e-mails, so unfortunately doesn’t address the matter.

Everything for MST3K i’ve done has been with the same e-mail.

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Crud. (Bonemeal.) I feel like I could try this, but I honestly don’t remember which email I was using back in the age of Kickstarter I. It could’ve been the current one or an earlier one. I guess I could reach out using the current one and hope for the best…

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Thank you but again, that is not addressing the actual question I posed.

I’m trying to get rewards that were not claimed, not claimed on another account/e-mail.

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Ah. Then have you logged into Backerkit? That’s where everything was sent to for the first Kickstarter. and login there. You’ll see both of the MST Kickstarters listed, then click on “Get Your Digital Downloads”. There should be a link there for it that goes to VHX.


Yep. Had done before and just had links to my Vimeo library.

That said…

In going back through, tried something I hadn’t before which was to click the link for the livestream event I wasn’t able to attend, and in doing so, that populated Season 11 for me.

Thanks, might not have gone back in there otherwise.


Yay! Yeah it was the only link they sent because I think anyone who had access to that also got the full season of downloads. Glad you got it all! Enjoy!


Oh wow that worked for me too. Thank you!