SOLVED: Season 13 available for backers?

I’m a Kickstarter backer with the digital download option for season 13.

I see some season 13 episodes available in the store, but I don’t have the ability to stream or download.

Are season 13 episodes available to backers?

You can’t download them yet, but you can stream them (the first three anyway, that’s all that’s come out so far) by going to your video fridge on the bottom level of the Gizmoplex.


I do not see any season 13 episodes in the video fridge.

Did you select Season 13?

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I looked for season 13 episodes and did not see any under

  • All (for the All/Owned) and All seasons
  • All and Season 13
  • Owned and All seasons
  • Owned and Season 13

Strange. Have you not paid for it? That could be the issue. Otherwise, we need @Ivan.

My Kickstarter pledge for it says I have the digital download for season 13, and that my pledge money was collected.


If they’re not available for download, and I selected the digital download option, I mean I guess that would explain why I don’t have them. I didn’t know they aren’t available for download yet, I just knew they were available in the store.

But you should see them streaming. Hopefully Ivan will get back to you soon.

Thanks for the quick responses, and for tagging Ivan.

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The issue is you’ve added “owned” to your search parameters. You don’t own them yet, that hasn’t been set up yet.


Looks to me like it says ‘all’ not ‘owned.’

I’m wondering if your account is activated and linked to the virtual theater at this point. A couple of questions:

  1. If you go to and sign in, do you have an active Gizmoplex Member Pass under Purchases in the My Videos tab?

  1. When you log into and click the Cambot in the top left corner of the screen does it say your Gizmoplex account is linked?

If one or both of the answers are “no,” it may just be a matter of getting you logged in and activated.


The other thing to try is searching by title. All of the meta-data may not be there yet.

No I don’t have a member pass, yes my account is linked.

If the digital download option is different than the member pass and there’s no downloads yet for season 13 and that’s why I don’t see it, then that’s fine. I don’t know how all that works, I was just wondering because I saw season 13 is available in the store.


All Backer levels that include digital downloads also include a 12-month Member Pass (see the rewards chart here), so it looks like you may just need to activate your Member pass.

At this point I think the easiest/best option would be to send an email to Give them the details of your situation (your Backer level, the email address you used for Kickstarter, etc.) and somebody on Ivan’s team will get you sorted out as soon as they can.

I hope that helps!


I remember seeing in a recent update or hearing in a livestream that the downloads would be available about 2 weeks after the premiere. (I’m guessing that’s to keep the “tapes” from being “circulated” too early/often.)


yeah, I just saw that in the description for the video in the store, the download option is available two weeks after premiere.


I had so much fun re-watching these with full credits and the stingers. Mother Crabbers is definitely growing into a favorite. All around the riffing holds up great. Yay! Season 13!!