SOLVED: Showing up late for a live streaming event

I’m excited to watch the livestream on Friday but won’t be able to tune in right when it starts. If I log in some short time after it starts, will I still be able to watch it from the beginning? …or will I need to wait until after the live event is over to watch the recording from the beginning?

Put another way: I’m hoping to get to watch Santo in the Treasure of Dracula this Friday, but can’t make it for that time. Will I still get to watch it?


I too have this question.
Can we start at the beginning at, say, 815p and just be 15 min behind?
What if we have to go number 1?
Can we pause the stream and resume once we are ready?
Will there be an intermission if our house observes 9pm ice cream time?

I don’t mind if we have to wait until it’s over to watch the premiere as a recording, but I would be mildly sad for a few moments before watching one of the other hilarious episodes in the app.

Maybe it’ll be like YouTube and you can rewind it to the beginning. The Young Turks live stream does this.

It seems all the Gizmoplex stuff is done in Vimeo. I went to see if public livestreams on Vimeo allow pause & rewind or functionality to start from the beginning while in progress and there is no such functionality. If you’re curious to try that out, just go to Vimeo and search for something and check the “Live Now” filter.

Perhaps their paid platform offers more though. I’m excited for Friday either way :slight_smile:

As someone who’s only just gotten home and wasn’t able to catch the beginning of the stream, anybody figure this out? I thought after 2 hours the movie would be wrapping up but it seems to still be underway. I’m on the mobile iOS app so I was just curious if on the web there’s already a way to go to the beginning of the stream or if I have to wait til it’s over to see the replay

I tried on Roku and you can roll it back with the rewind button. The show should be available all weekend to play from the start. I taped the Roku feed and screen copied the browser video.

I missed the live stream and now am unable to replay it. It just shows “see you in two weeks”. I am on an iPad. Does anyone know when the replay will be available?

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Ivan said the replay will come out later tonight.


Thanks Artthe1. I’ll give it a run :grinning:

I checked it out last night (I couldn’t be there for the live stream either), and it was working, but I didn’t have time to watch. So I plan on watching it today. :slight_smile: