Solved? Split-second buffering with Chrome window full screen.

My friends and I noticed that on my 27 inch diagonal monitor, episodes seen on have very slight, but frequent buffering.

Solution was to click the less-than-full-screen icon for the Chrome window, then manually extend the window as far as it will extend, vertically and horizontally. The buffering went away.

The problem didn’t occurr on my 21 inch monitor, hooked up to my laptop. On the 27 inch monitor, when I shrank the Chrome window down to about 21 inches diagonally, the problem went away.

At fill-screen Chrome window, when I also went to full-screen within, the buffering moments lasted noticeably longer.

So just set for less than full-screen with your browser, and stretch it to full screen, manually, by dragging the borders of the browser window. Hope this helps.

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What are you actually seeing? A stutter in the video and/or audio.

I suspect this is a backend issue with VHX that the team can’t do much about, but @ivan would be a better person to answer that.

PS: don’t forget to vote for your issue. Ivan’s team prioritises work based on votes.

This could also be computer performance differences between full-screen and a regular window.

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If it is happening on one monitor but not a different one hooked to the same computer, that really sounds like a “you” problem, not a Gizmoplex issue. Seems like there’s something in the interaction between the computer and the monitor. If it were an issue with the Gizmoplex, I would expect it to happen regardless of the monitor.

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