SOLVED: The Day Time Ended not available to rent

It’s May 25th, the day that Pipeline to the Clouds is supposed to be available for DRM-Free Download, but alas, I cannot download it through my Gizmoplex Member Pass.

I also noticed that this short is not available to rent while Let’s Make A Meal in 20 Minutes and Court Case are. The Day Time Ended is also not available to rent while all the other episodes from Season 11 onwards are available to rent.


Came here to find out the same thing. Hopefully we can download the new shorts soon.


Hopefully on the 26th

First one is up!

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Thanks! I grabbed it.

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Took them longer to upload to the cloud. Get it? Cloud? Like the name of the short? I’ll get me coat…


All but one issue in the original post have been solved, so I’m changing the thread title to reflect the single outstanding problem. Original thread title:

Pipeline to the Clouds not available for DRM-Free Download and Rent


Pipeline to the Clouds is now available for rental and download, so I’m closing this topic to return votes to those who voted.