SOLVED: The Gizmoplex Virtual Theatre Questions

Forgive me if this is a dumb question that has been answered elsewhere, but I know tonight I’ll be able to stream the premier of season 13 via my Roku app to the TV.

Already can access it and the six vault episodes that are now available.

This however will not be the “Virtual Theatre” that is being beta tested right now.

Once fully rolled out, is that a feature that will only be accessible on PC’s, ipads, phones, etc?

Thanks for any insight - forgive my uncertainty.

I’m not 100% what your question is.

Are you asking if the live shows will be a virtual theater feature?

I believe the question is if the Gizmoplex Virtual Theater experience will be available on streaming devices like the Roku or if it’s just exclusive to PCs, iPads, phones, etc.

Not entirely sure on the answer.


Yes, this exactly! The actual layout of the virtual theatre and functionality, will this be something that is only going to be available on certain types of devices.

Forgive me if I wasn’t clear in my question.

Correct – for now, at least, the Virtual Theater is entirely web-based, so if you want to use it on a TV you’ll need to cast or physically connect a laptop, etc.

Hypothetically, a web browser on a game console could possibly run it, but I am not sure if this has actually been tested yet. I may try it with my Xbox this weekend just to see.


If your tv has a built-in web browser, give that a try.

Oh lord…have you tried using Edge on the Xbox? Take a xanax before you try it…lolz!

Or a couple shots of tequila! XD


A few musings from a web developer who works with video streams for a living (me), take it with a grain of salt:

My guess would be that the Virtual Theatre will need to use hardware acceleration in the browser, so most tv based browsers are not going to work. Consoles will be iffy, but Xbox probably has the best likelihood of working as it has PC hardware under the hood. Chrome will likely be the best bet to begin with, as most development teams start there. If the developers are using Macs, Safari will likely work as well.


Thank you so much for the fast answer and clarity Lesley! you truly are the Info Poobah.

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Could this be built into smart tv apps, e.g., the Roku app, or is current tv hardware just too lame?

Not too sure there, I work at an enterprise level, so we don’t work with TVs, and can pretty much dictate the users hardware within reason.

I think for now at least (this Sunday A.D.) we should expect the various streaming apps to just be a way to access our libraries (including purchased items, rentals, and things we get with our Gizmoplex subscriptions), and that we’ll need to use a computer to get the full-on Gizmoplex experience (which could be cast or otherwise sent to a TV screen, but isn’t going to run natively on any TV or streaming hardware).

The more I learn about the technical limitations of streaming devices (along with a web of license and content restrictions connected to those devices), the less I expect our native apps to be able to ever provide the true Gizmoplex experience (a.k.a. “the Full Moplexonty” as no one is calling it).


I’d argue it’s less the technical limitations and more legal limitations, outside of 5+ year old streaming hardware at least.

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Yeah, I think you are right, @Coglestop .

And trying to juggle the different (legal) limitations and issues with each streaming device . . . . it won’t be worth it.


This sounds way too much like one of my work meetings.

Just tried the current, public incarnation of the Gizmoplex on PS4 and PS5. It leaves out the virtual theater aspect but folks heading into season 13 might wanna know…

PS4 Users: You’re fine. Use the browser like normal. Logging in succeeds and the profile menu for your account works if, for some reason, you need to make a quick change. Previews display. The expand icon while viewing will properly fullscreen in case you forget how to fullscreen from the controller. The virtual theater might work!

PS5 Users: Sorry. You can reach the site and previews will display but you cannot login. The initial dialog does appear but you’ll get stuck in a loop where you’re persistently asked for your email address. Anyone who doesn’t have a Gizmoplex account will also have to go elsewhere since the “Start Watching” link resolves to a blank page instead of the new account form.

It’s not worth pinning the PS5 experience on the Gizmoplex because the browser in the PS5 isn’t a user “feature” and is very likely hobbled. It’s only really there to bridge one of the social features.


Kind of a shame, really. The Gizmoplex virtual theater will probably run better on a raspberry pi than any of the dedicated streaming solutions all because they don’t like the idea of having a full featured, hardware accelerated web browser available.

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Wish we could do it with KODI.

I have a question that may be stupid. I saw the demonstration of the virtual theater after the santos live event. I see you talking about it here. However, I cannot see it. Is it out now, or is it just a beta test for select people right now? If everyone can access it, then how? When I go to, I see menus for Library, Explore, etc. I don’t see the lobby, stairs, etc. The same goes for the app. I just want to know if I’m doing something wrong or what.

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Sorry. Never mind. I found it. Now I remember. This is the one where we’ll get access in the order that we pledged. I haven’t gotten mine yet. That’s all.