SOLVED: Trojan Warning for BearManor Media?

Did anyone else get a Trojan warning when they clicked on the Bearmanor Media link on the Backer Wall? My MalwareBytes plugin for Chrome issued it to me, so I did not proceed. Sadly, it does not identify which Trojan set off the warning.

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Nope, not getting that message, also on Chrome. I don’t run MalWareBytes. I do run three different adblockers and a VPN, so if there is a funky advert on their page, that might be it.


Thanks! I’ll wait a bit and see if anyone else sees the same issue. Otherwise, I’ll assume it’s actually safe and that MB is just being over-cautious.

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Slightly different setup here but clicking the link in the theater’s L2 didn’t trip any alarms.

There’s a redirect on the FQDN happening and some weak TLS keys involved but those shouldn’t appear like a trojan. The endpoint is packed with a variety of analytics beacons and two trackers; of those trackers, one is Facebook which is sus for adware.


I run the site and it’s the first I’ve heard of it! No problems on it as far as I can tell.


Bitdefender says it’s safe. I suspect it’s some sort of false positive. If it keeps doing that, you could try reporting it to Bearmanor Media and/or MalwareBytes.